The Advantages Of The Biomass Charcoal Making Machine

The biomass charcoal making machine primarily uses carbonization technology. This type of carbonization equipment also goes by other names such as biomass charcoal making machine, continous carbonizer, and biochar production equipment for sale.

Raw materials that these carbonization machines mainly use include coconut shells, rice husks, bamboo, palm shells, wood chips and more. The entire process involves high GCV which stands for Gross Caloric Value, superior combustion, low humidity, and the added advantage of not producing CO2 emissions. In addition to these standout advantages, the fuel that is burning is self-supported with the furnace inside the carbonization machine.

Biomass charcoal making machine

Biomass Charcoal Making Machine for Sale

The Carbonization Stages Involved In A Biomass Carbonization Machine

Carbonization is the main process required to produce biomass charcoal, and this entire working process will include 3 main parts. You can see the process on or see the following content:

1. Biomass Material Drying

To produce high-quality charcoal, these biomass carbonizing machines come equipped with a drying device. During this phase of the process, residual moisture is removed from the materials and there are no chemical changes that occur.

2. The Initial Carbonization Stage

As the temperature starts to increase in the carbonization furnace, the raw product starts to produce combustible gases inside the reactor along with biomass charcoal. To guarantee safety in the operating processes, the charcoal is first sent to a cooling system which will drop the temperature of the end product to around 30 degrees. The combustible gases produced will also be processed further which results in the production of wood vinegar and tar.

Biochar Production Equipment for Sale

Biochar Production Equipment for Sale

3. The Integrated Carbonization Stage

Once the charcoal has been produced from the biomass materials, it can be sold and packaged directly. The combustible gas is what provides the fuel to the carbonization process. To begin with, these combustible gasses are first purified inside the spray-dedusting system which works on removing harmful elements and sulfur in order to lower the environmental pollution. The clean gas is then passed into a condenser system.

From this stage, the machine will extract the wood vinegar and tar, which are also both useful materials. From here the gas passes through the draft fan where it is recycled and then used to heat the drying device and the furnace instead of having to use traditional fuels such as natural gas, wood or coal.

Using this method, the Biomass Charcoal Making Machine achieves self-supporting heat, which not only lowers consumption of the non-renewable energy sources but also protects the surrounding environment. This technology has been named “one fire with two steps”.

Requirements For Using A Biomass Waste Recycling Machine

• The moisture content of the raw materials has to be under 20%, while the size of the materials should be under 50mm. This is why the cracking machine and drying device becomes necessary for carbonizing procedures.

• The carbonization usually occurs within 15 minutes, while the yield rate of the charcoal is usually 4:1 or 3:1.

• The furnace temperature ranges from 400℃and 600℃, which ensure the raw materials are completely processed.

The end products produced by a charcoal production equipment for sale include:

• Combustible gas

• Tar

• Biomass charcoal

• Wood vinegar

Charcoal Production Equipment for Sale: Description and Features

Today, a lot of businesses are investing in the charcoal production equipment for sale. The truth is the popularity and usage of this innovative machine are increasing day by day. So, what could be the reason behind the rising demand for this equipment? For what purpose the machine is used? To get answers to all these questions, let’s understand what a charcoal machine is, the production process and the benefits thereon.

Charcoal Production Equipment

Charcoal Production Equipment

Essentially, it’s a machine that converts biomass waste into green energy. The equipment is also called biomass carbonization plant or biomass charcoal making equipment. The raw materials used for the production include rice husk, wood, coconut shell, sawdust, grass, olive shell, bamboo, sewage sludge, and other biomass wastes.

Basics of the machine

The sawdust charcoal machine for sale is equipped with the continuous charcoal making furnace that uses the latest carbonization technology. Through anaerobic carbonization and dry distillation, biomass is processed and converted into charcoal. The whole process is done under a continuous high temperature between 400 and 600 degrees centigrade.

The final products resulting from the process include tar, wood vinegar, charcoal and combustible gas. All these items are used as a fuel in a number of sectors. Some products are even used in the medicine industry.

Description of the charcoal carbonizing process

The process begins by preheating biomass with the crushing machine. The biomass materials need to be less than 50 mm in order to be carbonized. The automatic conveying machine then feeds the crushed material into the drying system. The dryer is fed with hot air to dry up the raw material with modes of batch splitting and screw-feeding.

Once the biomass gets dried, it automatically falls in the carbonization furnace. The process of carbonizing is carried in the furnace under 400 to 600 degree heat. The higher the heating temperature, the higher the yield will be. Also, the carbonization process will be faster, resulting in low operation cost.

BBQ Charcoal Machine

BBQ Charcoal Machine for Sale

After the carbonization process, charcoal is discharged as well as collected by the equipment after thorough cooling. The temperature of the discharged charcoal is about 30 degrees centigrade. The special equipment collects the combustible gas after purification. Wood vinegar and tar are accumulated in other collecting systems. By this time, the process of carbonization and discharge of end products finish. If you want to see some videos related to this process, search for it online.

Features and benefits of the charcoal maker

1. Low production cost

The charcoal maker uses wastes as raw materials that are easily available. Also, the prices of these materials are pretty low. Consequently, the cost of production is also lower. Additionally, the machine uses residual smoke and heat (produced during the carbonizing process) to remove moisture from the materials.

2. Efficiency

The modern charcoal making equipment is highly efficient. It makes use of advanced technology for heating and dispensing final products. Also, the machine is able to process large scale materials, thus increasing the efficiency and working of the system. In addition to this, the machine works at a faster speed. All these things enhance the overall productivity of the process, leading to lower cost of end products.

3. Investment

Modern charcoal makers are not at all cheap. While the cost is high, you can seek installment payments to ease your investment budget. You can recover your investment in this sophisticated machine in a short time period. The reasons for quick recovery of your investment are large scale production, lower cost, and higher profitability.

4. Helps the environment

The charcoal making machine helps the environment in many ways. First of all, the machine uses waste as raw materials. These materials take up too much space and could affect the surroundings if left unattended for a long time.

By using these wastes, the machine avoids any harm to the environment. Secondly, the machine doesn’t pose any threat to the environment during the production process. Above all, the charcoal maker generates products that can be used as a greener fuel in domestic and industrial setups.

Bottom line

The charcoal production equipment for sale is one of the best machines to translate waste into wealth. Higher production capacity, better profitability, lower cost of production, Eco-friendly, and better efficiency are important perks of using this cutting-edge equipment. On account of these benefits, a lot of business owners invest in this machine to make big money from useless waste. Click this web to find the machine which satisfies your demand.

How To Locate A Reliable Biomass Pyrolysis Plant For Sale

If you have a business that is geared toward recycling, and you have access to a substantial amount of biomass on a regular basis, you may want to consider purchasing a pyrolysis plant. These are very useful machines, ones that are capable of taking biomass and converting it into usable fuels. The type of material that can be processed can be wood, straw, and anything else that was once growing. This can be converted into many marketable materials including bio oil, charcoal, and biofuel. Here is the process that it will go through, and then let’s look at where you can find a biomass pyrolysis plant for sale.

Biomass Pyrolysis Plant

Biomass Pyrolysis Plant for Sale

How Does The Pyrolysis Process Create These Products?

The process itself is very unique because of how these byproducts are made. This is the same process where plastic and tires are converted in a similar way. For example, you will have a conveyor that will take this processed material, placing it into the biochar pyrolysis reactor. It will be heated to high temperatures, and by removing oxygen from this container, it will break down chemically. This material will then go through a cyclone and hot filter, which will then lead to containers that will have the bio oil and biofuel. What remains from this process is the biochar and that is where the charcoal comes from.

How To Find An Affordable Biomass Pyrolysis Plant For Sale

Finding one of these plants for sale is easy if you know where to look. The country that produces the best ones in China, and there are many companies that sell them. You can go to major international websites that will show you all of the different companies that are currently producing them. You may even be able to find feedback on the different businesses left by customers from all around the world. Look at the prices among these different waste recycling plants manufacturers, and you will find several that look appealing. The one that you choose can be shipped to you, a process that will take several weeks, and then there is set up time once it arrives. Once everyone has learned how to use this that is part of your company that works in this division, you will have a way of creating all of these byproducts which can help your business make more money.

The Working Process of Biochar Pyrolysis Equipment

Working Process of Biochar Pyrolysis Equipment

How Long Do These Machines Operate?

Depending upon their size and the manner in which they are built, they can sometimes run for nearly the entire day. There are times where it will need to be cleaned and serviced, but other than that, it will continue to process this material around-the-clock. You will have crew that will be on rotating shifts so that the plant can run without incident. Once you become accustomed to processing this material, it should be very easy to start generating consistent cash flow from the byproducts of this charcoal manufacturing process.

Most of the companies that sell these machines will also have many to choose from. There are those that specifically make wood charcoal, or they will process rice hulls or husks, to easily create all of these byproducts that can be sold. They can even process bamboo, straw, sugarcane, and of course, they can also do plastic and rubber. If you are looking for one of these machines, start searching online for a reliable and affordable company that will sell you a biomass pyrolysis plant.

What Is The Average Straw Charcoal Making Machine Price?

If you have an ample supply of straw that is produced at your location, and you are simply letting it go to waste, you might want to consider converting this into charcoal. This is a process that can only be accomplished by what is called a pyrolysis machine, or a pyrolysis plant. These can be set up in a very short period of time, allowing you to put the straw in, and through a chemical process that is induced by heat in the absence of oxygen, charcoal can be created. This overview of how they work will also include what the average straw charcoal making machine price is today.

Straw Charcoal Making Machine

Straw Charcoal Making Machine for Sale

Why This Is A Good Business In Certain Areas

If you think about different industries where there is a substantial amount of waste when harvesting certain products such as rice, wheat, or even work in the forest when harvesting timber, you can use that waste material to your advantage. It is something that can be processed into not only charcoal, but can also be made into biofuel and bio oil. The biomass carbonization process is one that takes advantage of a chemical breakdown of this material, allowing it to form byproducts, one of which is going to be charcoal. You can sell this is a secondary product for your business, and if you have a large enough supply of straw, this could become very profitable for many years to come. Get different charcoal machine price from manufacturers and select the most reasonable one.

carbonizing equipment

Customers Visited Beston Straw Carbonizing Equipment

Where Do You Find These Machines For Sale?

These machines are actually very easy to find. You have to be careful, however, when selecting a company to get one from. For instance, when you purchase them from the Orient, specifically China, you are going to be getting the best deals from top-of-the-line companies that produce these for the world. Some of the top companies actually offer the best prices on carbonizing equipment which can be manufactured and sent to your location in a short period of time. You can start using these, processing all of the straw that you have into charcoal so that you can improve the revenue for your business.

Whether you use a pyrolysis machine to convert plastic, rubber, wood chips, rice husks, or even solid municipal waste into charcoal, this is a great way to recycle material that is available. Otherwise, this material will be of no use as it begins to decompose. You are using science and chemistry to take advantage of materials that can be recycled very easily through the pyrolysis process. The average cost of these machines can run anywhere between $100,000 and $1 million or more, depending upon their size and capabilities. You can find the best straw charcoal machine price by looking at different companies online (like Beston (Henan) Machinery Co. ltd.) and requesting quotes from each one if they are not displayed. This price comparison-shopping that you do on the web will lead you to the most affordable pyrolysis machines that can convert your straw into charcoal every day.

How to Make Charcoal from Wood Using A Carbonization Machine

Carbonization is the process of converting any organic substance back into a residue containing carbon (or back to carbon itself) through the process of destructive distillation. This process is done using a carbonization machine. This article seeks to explain how to make charcoal by wood carbonization furnace.


The process of making charcoal from wood using a carbonization machine works by eliminating water and any other volatile substance from the matter used as the raw material from the heat action within the machine.

The main factors which influence the amount of yield produced are the kind of carbonizing machine used, the content of the moisture in the wood during carbonization process and finally how carefully you carry out the whole process.

The furnace must be strong so as to be able to withstand the weight of the load being crushed. This ability to resist from a fracture is essential in maintaining permeability which is vital to the productivity of wood charcoal making machine.

Beston Wood Charcoal Making Machine

Beston Wood Charcoal Making Machine

How The Charcoal Is Made from Wood

The process usually requires a temperature of about 28O. it produces a lot of energy and therefore the reaction is exothermic. The first step is the breaking down of the wood, which goes on until only the residue, known as charcoal, is left. Unless you add more heat to the process, it will stop once the breakdown is finished, reaching up to 400 ℃.

Advantages of The Carbonization Machine

· The machine does not pose any danger to the environment. This is due to the fact that carbonization is an eco-friendly process. The standards are such that the content of the water should not be more than 20% while the size should not be more than 50 mm. this means that the crusher and dryer are optional to use. After the process of carbonization has begun, you can now get your wood charcoal after approximately twenty minutes.

· The carbonization machine of Beston Group is highly profitable. The charcoal which is accumulated from wood waste can be of use in various fields. For example, you can reprocess the wood charcoal into active carbon, which can then be used as fuel for not only domestic use but also in the industry.

Beston Wood Charcoal Making Machine for Sale

Beston Wood Charcoal Making Machine for Sale

· The machine can handle ranging forms of raw materials. Apart from converting just wood into charcoal, most carbonization machines can also make use of sugarcane waste. Moreover, sawdust, straw, sewage sludge and even solid waste are also the prime raw materials. All these are acquired easily and so it is a plus to the owner of the machine.

Application of The Carbonization Machine

As stated above, the machine is used to make charcoal, which can be used in the various fields of agriculture, industries, and even daily life. Various applications include:

· It is used as fuel in our homes and industries such as ceramics and iron and steel factories.

· Charcoal is also used in agriculture to reduce the metal content in the soil thereby improving its quality. It also regulates the microbe and therefore promotes aggregation in the soil.

· It is also possible to reprocess charcoal into active carbon.

· When mixed with clay, charcoal can be used for construction purposes.

Impact to The Environment

Generally, the process of making charcoal from wood using the carbonization machine has no negative impact to the environment as long as the process is done in places far away from the residences of people. It is also important to regulate the amount of wood being burnt so as to be able to balance the gases being produced.

Find The Perfect Sawdust Charcoal Making Machine Price

It should go without saying that anyone making a purchase wants to get a good deal. If you’re buying a machine to make charcoal, you’ll need to find the perfect sawdust carbonizing machine price.

You don’t always have to spend a lot in order to get your machine. Follow this advice, and you’ll be able to find the perfect price for your machine.

Sawdust Charcoal Making Machine

Sawdust Charcoal Making Machine

Set A Budget For Yourself

Before you start seriously looking at prices, you should think about how much you are willing to spend. If you’re not willing to go over a certain price point, then you are going to want to look at machines that are below that price point.

You should try to come up with some kind of budget for yourself. If you know what you are willing to spend, you’ll know what kinds of products you should be looking at. Learn more about the sawdust charcoal making process here.

Start Comparing Your Options

Once you know what you’re comfortable spending, you should start comparing options against each other. Hop online and start looking at some of the machines that are available in your price range.

When you look at your different options, you should see what kinds of prices are available. See how many choices you have. Check to see if any of those products happens to stand out from the others. You may find a few stand-out charcoal making machines.

sawdust to charcoal

sawdust to charcoal

Don’t Just Focus On Price; Think About Value

When you look at various machines, you shouldn’t just think about what they are going to cost you. You should also think about how much value they provide. The machine that offers the most value might not be the cheapest machine on the market.

What is value? In a nutshell, value means that a product gives you a lot for your money. If you are able to find a high-quality product made from durable materials at a budget-friendly price, you shouldn’t be afraid to snatch it up.

If you want to find the best sawdust carbonisation machine price, you’re going to want to look at a lot of products. Follow these suggestions, and you’ll be able to get the kind of product that you want for a price that you can feel good about. You don’t have to spend a lot to get a fantastic product. There are affordable charcoal making machines out there:

All You Should Know about the Straw Carbonization Plant

The straw burning makes the straw a big pollutant to the environment, and with the increasing level of farming mechanization, the waste straw can not only be used as the fuel to cook, to keep the farmer warm and the food for the poultry, now you can use the charcoal making machine to make charcoal from the waste straw and other biomass waste, such as coconut shell, rice husk and so on.

Charcoal Machine in Ukraine

Charcoal Machine in Ukraine

The charcoal we get from those biomass waste is called biomass charcoal, which can be used to improve the soil quality, so that the yield can increase. The carbonization process of biomass is as follows:

1. Gasifier equipment can produce fuel gas by heating the raw material.

2. The fuel gas can be used to heat the raw material in the carbonization stove.

3. Dust-removal device will remove the dust in the gas by the recycling water.

4. Gas cleaner will make gas clean, so you can use the gas to heat, which will not pollute the environment.

5. Cooling and discharging conveyor will cool the charcoal when discharging.

Here is a video showing the biochar production process. You can also check the website of Beston for more details.

The combustible gas produced during the working process can be recycled and used as fuel to heat the reactor, thus the energy cost is saved. This carbonization of wood, waste straw, rice husk is more and more popular. The other profitable investment project is the shisha charcoal machine.

You may have doubt about the use of the carbon from biomass waste, here we will introduce you some information. People may want the carbon of different shape for a different use, you can learn more here.

After the further process, that biomass carbon can be turned into activated carbon, which has the following quality: safety, environmental-protection, inflammability, high heat value and reproducibility, so it can be widely used as domestic fuel and commercial energy.

Charcoal Machine in Turkey

Charcoal Machine in Turkey

The charcoal from biomass is also useful. Its carbon content is much higher than common carbon, and the coconut shell carbon and straw carbon have better quality.

And in the charcoal making process, the quality of the biochar pyrolysis machine and the raw material will influence the quality of the carbon you get.

The carbonization plant on the market adopts the advanced carbonization technology, so the working period is shorter, but the yield is larger. In addition, there is no pollution during the working process, and the carbon is also harmless to the environment, so it is suitable for the small and medium sized company, and if you have interest, you can also search the Internet for more information.