Charcoal Production Equipment for Sale: Description and Features

Today, a lot of businesses are investing in the charcoal production equipment for sale. The truth is the popularity and usage of this innovative machine are increasing day by day. So, what could be the reason behind the rising demand for this equipment? For what purpose the machine is used? To get answers to all these questions, let’s understand what a charcoal machine is, the production process and the benefits thereon.

Charcoal Production Equipment

Charcoal Production Equipment

Essentially, it’s a machine that converts biomass waste into green energy. The equipment is also called biomass carbonization plant or biomass charcoal making equipment. The raw materials used for the production include rice husk, wood, coconut shell, sawdust, grass, olive shell, bamboo, sewage sludge, and other biomass wastes.

Basics of the machine

The sawdust charcoal machine for sale is equipped with the continuous charcoal making furnace that uses the latest carbonization technology. Through anaerobic carbonization and dry distillation, biomass is processed and converted into charcoal. The whole process is done under a continuous high temperature between 400 and 600 degrees centigrade.

The final products resulting from the process include tar, wood vinegar, charcoal and combustible gas. All these items are used as a fuel in a number of sectors. Some products are even used in the medicine industry.

Description of the charcoal carbonizing process

The process begins by preheating biomass with the crushing machine. The biomass materials need to be less than 50 mm in order to be carbonized. The automatic conveying machine then feeds the crushed material into the drying system. The dryer is fed with hot air to dry up the raw material with modes of batch splitting and screw-feeding.

Once the biomass gets dried, it automatically falls in the carbonization furnace. The process of carbonizing is carried in the furnace under 400 to 600 degree heat. The higher the heating temperature, the higher the yield will be. Also, the carbonization process will be faster, resulting in low operation cost.

BBQ Charcoal Machine

BBQ Charcoal Machine for Sale

After the carbonization process, charcoal is discharged as well as collected by the equipment after thorough cooling. The temperature of the discharged charcoal is about 30 degrees centigrade. The special equipment collects the combustible gas after purification. Wood vinegar and tar are accumulated in other collecting systems. By this time, the process of carbonization and discharge of end products finish. If you want to see some videos related to this process, search for it online.

Features and benefits of the charcoal maker

1. Low production cost

The charcoal maker uses wastes as raw materials that are easily available. Also, the prices of these materials are pretty low. Consequently, the cost of production is also lower. Additionally, the machine uses residual smoke and heat (produced during the carbonizing process) to remove moisture from the materials.

2. Efficiency

The modern charcoal making equipment is highly efficient. It makes use of advanced technology for heating and dispensing final products. Also, the machine is able to process large scale materials, thus increasing the efficiency and working of the system. In addition to this, the machine works at a faster speed. All these things enhance the overall productivity of the process, leading to lower cost of end products.

3. Investment

Modern charcoal makers are not at all cheap. While the cost is high, you can seek installment payments to ease your investment budget. You can recover your investment in this sophisticated machine in a short time period. The reasons for quick recovery of your investment are large scale production, lower cost, and higher profitability.

4. Helps the environment

The charcoal making machine helps the environment in many ways. First of all, the machine uses waste as raw materials. These materials take up too much space and could affect the surroundings if left unattended for a long time.

By using these wastes, the machine avoids any harm to the environment. Secondly, the machine doesn’t pose any threat to the environment during the production process. Above all, the charcoal maker generates products that can be used as a greener fuel in domestic and industrial setups.

Bottom line

The charcoal production equipment for sale is one of the best machines to translate waste into wealth. Higher production capacity, better profitability, lower cost of production, Eco-friendly, and better efficiency are important perks of using this cutting-edge equipment. On account of these benefits, a lot of business owners invest in this machine to make big money from useless waste. Click this web to find the machine which satisfies your demand.