Introduction of Waste Sorting Machine Price


Kingtiger waste machine of the recent has emerged to be one ofthe best machines that are used in solving the problem of solid waste disposalin the market. With this high demand, the waste sorting machine price has beenchanging day in day out. With the increase of human activities, the solidwastes as also increased in the homes. Since they can be generated and producemore useful products in the society it is therefore good to use this machine inconserving the environment. The machine is able to sort the various garbage that is collected on the hotels,restraints, streets, schools and even offices.

The manufacturers more especially Kingtiger Company has made a machine thathas got a precise sorting system and that is strong capacity in sorting thevarious tons of waste.

Waste Sorting Machine

Waste Sorting Machine

The working process of the high-quality waste sorting machine

The wastes are put on the plate feeder. A forklift can helpin the loading of the waste. The waste is uniformly put on the spreader beforeit is transported to the conveyor for the next stage. At his stage, the material is passed throughthe manual separator in which the bulk material is sorted out.

Magnetic separation- the waste is put on the magneticserration machine which helps in sorting out the magnetic materials like iron, amongothers. The rest of the waste is taken to the rotating screening machine thatis able to separate wastes that are above 50mmComprehensive winnowing- after the sorting in the rotatingscreening, those that are oversize are separated from those materials that areundersized. At the comprehensive winnowing, the wastes are sorted in terms ofhow heavy or light are the plastic materials.

Some of the materials that are sorted here can include, rubber, stone,ceramic chips among other materials. The other materials like hard plastics and wet papers are too separated here.

Manual sorting- this is the last process in which sortingoccurs; sundries will first be sorted out before the other light plasticmaterials are sent to the packing machine for the next process. Some of thematerials from the heavy plastic that are useful are sorted out and taken forfurther process. It is from here that the textile, rubber, organic materialsand hard plastics are too sorted out.

Sorting out of combustible waste- the combustible materialsare finally sorted here after packing and pressing. They are later recycledback to the machine to produce electricity and other energy.

garbage sorting plant

Garbage sorting plant

The superiority of the waste sorting machine from Kingtiger Company

Their machine has got a structure that is reasonable- withthis structure, it is installed with high quality and automatic operationsystem that helps in reducing the labor cost incurred. This will help incutting the investment cost that is applied to the machine.

Has the clean sanitary and working process- the machine has got various systems that helpin achieving this, some of them are roller sweeper, head sweeper, non-loadedcleanser. When one buys the machine they are able to install it for you andtaste the working of it before they hand it over to you. The machine is too well sealed and equippedwith the de-dusting device that helps in controlling the waste that may hinderthe environment.

Safe and high-quality

Design- in every device within the machine has a control switch that helps inmaking sure that the safety of the machine is high. This helps in avoiding any error that mightbe experienced on the machine as it will be working.

Considerate configuration- once the machine has been boughtfrom they are able to transport it to your place and install at the same timeprovide free education to your operator. Repair and maintenance are alsoaccompanied by them because they are ready and able to respond to their clientsthe need arise.

Where does the garbage go after sorting?

  • The plastics- can be recycled back or use pyrolysis oil plant to obtain plastic oil and carbon black·Metals- recycled to produce steel;
  • The biomass can be carbonized to make charcoal·Organic materials can be used in the making ofthe biogas.


Garbage sorting plant is a centralized mechanism that isused in sorting out the waste products. The usage of the machine has increasedin the market and is greatly preferred by all those who have used themachine.