Three Tips for Your Robot Rides Businesses

When you’ve made a business out of providing robot rides to various stores, community centers and community events, you may be banking on the fact that kids love robots. You may feel confident about making money on such a venture. However, if you want to maximize your profits, you’ll need these tips for your robot businesses.

1-Target Customers

You might already have a small customer list in place. However, you should always be seeking out new places for your robot rides (аттракцион робот) to operate. Target different groups and construct marketing materials that will show them how your ride can encourage interest in their location or event. By targeting each group separately, you can be more specific about what benefits your rides offer. For example, if you’re targeting schools, you may point out how many children can be on the ride at one time for a low price. If you’re targeting community fairs, you can focus on how popular your ride has been at other fairs.

robot rides sales

Amusement walking robot rides

2-Get on Social Media

Social media allows you to reach out to customers, but it also allows you to boost your own signal by engaging with the kids and families who ride your robot rides. Ask for pictures of kids on the rides or stories about how much kids love the rides on various social media sites, and interact with people. Get people to follow your profiles by posting funny pictures of robots, interesting facts about robots and other amusement park-related tidbits and details. Let people know where your rides will be next.

Being on social media will also allow you to get feedback. Ensure that your clients and people who ride the robot (Робот) rides have access to your email or phone number. You might ask them to fill out a short survey about which new robots they’d like to see or which robots should “retire”. You may ask them whether they’d be willing to pay a quarter more for more time on a ride and other issues. This feedback can result in better rides and more profit for you.

Walking robot ride

Choosing Beston Robot Rides

3-Maintain Rides

It’s vital that you’re aware of any repairs that need to be done and complete them as soon as you can. Children can become injured if rides (детские аттракционы купить) don’t operate properly, which can result in a terrible time for their family and jeopardy for your entire business. Not only that, but broken machines cannot collect money or take on riders. Therefore, whenever a robot ride is broken, you’re losing money.

Arrange a schedule in which you visit and inspect your machines frequently; don’t count on staff to do this job. You might bring a repair technician along on these trips to get an estimate on the spot and perhaps even fix minor issues at that point.

Robot amusement rides

Beston Robot Amusement Rides

Your attention to these pointers should help keep families happy while riding your machines and keep profits booming for you. Ensure that you’re always talking to others in the industry to learn more ways of keeping your company growing and making money.

Why Chair Swing Rides Are Such A Great Option For Families

Do you have a lot of families visiting your facility? If you attract a lot of families, you’ll want to make sure you offer rides that are family friendly. You should make sure that families have a reason to come back to your park again and again. Here’s why chair swing rides are one of your best options.

swing rides for sale cheap in Beston

Chair swing rides for sale

Families Can Ride Them Together

The biggest reason that families love chair swing rides is that they can all enjoy them together. Family members don’t have to take turns in order to go on a ride like this. Instead, everyone can enjoy these rides at the same time.

Families frequently visit places like amusement parks because they want to have some family bonding time. It can be a disappointment for families when they have to split up in order to enjoy rides. If you start offering rides like this at your park, you won’t have to worry about splitting anyone up. Families will be able to stay together and have an even better time!

They’re Fun For People Of All Ages

Small children love swing rides, but they’re not the only ones. Adults love these rides too, and so does every age group that falls somewhere in between.

Certain rides lack mass appeal. Families shouldn’t have to make sacrifices so that everyone can have a good time. If you make a point of offering rides that everyone can enjoy, people will have a reason to make repeat visits to your facility.

Even People That Don’t Love Thrill Rides Can Enjoy Chair Swing Rides

Some people love a good thrill. Other people prefer to stay close to the ground. These rides definitely offer some thrills, but they’re not overwhelming. People that aren’t big fans of thrill rides can still have a ton of fun with rides like this.

Chair swings offer a little bit of excitement, but they usually don’t take things too far. Even if people have issues with motion sickness, they can usually have fun on these swing rides. They’re the perfect compromise between thrill seeking and playing it safe.

These Rides Come In A Range Of Styles And Colors

A lot of people aren’t just attracted to rides because of the experience they offer. Many families gravitate towards certain types of rides because of the way the ride looks. A ride with bright colors or a unique design is definitely going to attract a lot of attention.

These rides come in all kinds of styles and colors, which means you should be able to find a swing ride with a look that families will love. You’ll be able to make sure you select a ride that will make a big impression on every family that visits your park.

As you can see, chair swing rides are definitely family-friendly. If you’ve been looking for rides that will cater to families, this is exactly what you should be taking a look at. If you do check out these rides, you’ll be able to see exactly why families love them.

Here’s How To Get Kids Excavator Ride Prices Online

It’s safe to say that kids excavate rides(аттракцион экскаватор купить) are always a popular attraction for any youngsters who are visiting an entertainment center or amusement park of any kind.

In this guide, we’re going to explore some of the top features that make the kid’s excavator ride such a popular buy for any park, and we will also give you a better idea of how to find reasonable prices(аттракцион купить) for these machines online. Bearing this in mind, let’s get straight to it.

To begin with, the excavator ride lets each operator have the unique experience of being able to control the machine directly, and most children will love to be able to drive the machine around and use all of the different features it comes with. Many of the rides will also offer a fully articulating arm that allows the child to pick things up from the floor, and you will often see the rides positioned next to plastic ball pits for this particular reason. You can get more information here:

Kids Excavator Ride for sale

Kids Excavator Ride for sale

Additionally, these rides are very safe for young children to operate, as they tend to be slow moving and they are very secure with a child sitting in the cabin, so they are more suitable for younger children than something like a bumper car would be.

Of course, many kids are drawn to the unique characteristics that these rides can offer, and there’s no denying that any child can have a great deal of fun whenever they get to ride one.

However, trying to find a good price for an excavator ride(детский экскаватор купить) can be difficult, depending on what your requirements are. Fortunately, you can purchase the kid’s excavator ride from many online retailers, and regardless of whether you’re looking for a small machine or a whole fleet of larger rides, you should be able to find a supplier if you do research online.

Many of the best places to buy these excavator rides will be on import websites such as Ali Baba, which will give you a convenient way to purchase them from other countries. Several of the best manufacturers for excavator rides are found in China and importing them directly well almost certainly save you a lot of money over the long run.

Kids Excavator Ride

Kids Excavator Ride

On the other hand, if you’re looking to purchase a smaller excavator ride(экскаватор), then you may prefer to order just one or two models online by using amusement park retail websites and other wholesalers who have the machines you need.

If you’re looking to get an absolute bargain, then you may want to examine some of the options available on the second-hand market, and while you need to be careful to ensure the excavator ride is still in good working order, you can often pick up some very good bargains indeed if you take the time to search carefully through all of the listings.

But at the end of the day, it’s never been easier to find a kids excavator ride for a great price by using the Internet, and adding a few of these rides to your amusement park will undoubtedly increase the appeal your park can offer, particularly for younger visitors.

Why Carousel Rides Are Always Connected With Romantic Imagery

When you think about carousel rides, and you have children, what comes to mind are the kids. If you are a parent, you have probably take in hundreds of pictures of your children, over the years, smiling as they go in a circle on their favorite horse or other animal. However, carousels are also affiliated with notions of romance. You have probably also seen teenagers, or even adults, that are couples that enjoy the carousel. These are the reasons why carousel rides are often connected with ideas of romance. It’s not just an amusement park ride for kids, but it is also representative of people that are in love. Visit this page: quality double decker carousel

Why Carousels Evoke Romantic Thoughts

From the perspective of the teenager that has fallen in love, they are still, in their heart, very much like a child. If they have always had an affinity for these rotating platforms with horses that go up and down, they may associate these positive emotions with the love of their life. Even though they have outgrown a carousel, they still have those feelings inside. When they fall in love, there is a connection between the carousel and the way they feel about their significant other. That’s just one of the many reasons that people often think of carousels with talking about the people that they love the most. It is also one of the most popular kids amusement rides for sale.

Is This Limited To Only Young People?

This is not connected to just young people. For example, you will probably seen elderly couples that are sitting in the chairs that often come with the carousel ride. They will sit beatifically together, smiling as they go around, perhaps remembering all of the magical things that have happened in their life. From the perspective of an elderly person, it may evoke memories of their childhood. They may even think of people that they previously had relationships with. Many of them will have come to go on a carousel ride, and once they are there, they will want to try it out.

Grand Carousel

Grand Carousel

Other Reasons Carousels Are Representative Of Romantic Intentions

Two other reasons why romantic thoughts are coupled with thoughts of a merry go round ride has to do with the way they make you feel. Emotions can be very similar, at least in the way that they make you feel on a broad scale. This typically comes down to happy or sad emotions. Almost everyone that has been on a carousel before is happy. They may have even met the person they eventually married at a carnival that had one. They may also have thoughts of being on a carousel with the person that they have been married to for years or decades. It is this direct connection with this circular ride that makes a carousel deeply connected to positive moments in your life.

Carousels are designed primarily for children. If you think about it, you will almost always see kids going around. They enjoy the horses and animals that go up and down slowly, all the while spinning around. However, over time, they will develop relationships with people. These relationships, if positive, will be connected to the carousel. These memories that they have, and emotions that they have stored up, will motivate generally anyone to get on a carousel. It is a very relaxing amusement park ride, but most importantly, it can actually help people find true love.

Here’s Why Swing Rides Can Be An Attractive Addition To Your Amusement Park

There’s no denying that swing rides can be one of the most attractive additions to any amusement park or fairground, so if you’re considering the possibility of investing in one, you’re probably making a smart move. In this article, we will highlight a few of the main features that swing rides have to offer, so you will soon discover why they are a great buy.

Firstly, the swing ride is actually the basis of a broad variety of different ride designs, and it is also the fundamental aspect of many pirate ship rides, swing boat rides, frisbee rides, and many more. If you like this product, welcome to our Spanish website:

Swing Rides For Sale

Swing Rides For Sale

In general, the swing ride relies on the pendulum effect to give its fun and thrills, and the inertia the rider feels comes from being inside a gondola that’s rotating and swinging back and forth. Of course, this also gives you great flexibility in terms of the thrill that the ride gives, with a larger pendulum giving more of an inertia effect, thus making the ride more extreme and suitable for bigger thrill junkies.

Hot Sale for Swing Rides

Hot Sale for Swing Rides

On the other hand, it’s also possible to invest in a smaller swing rides that are suitable for younger children. What’s more, they come in many different sizes, with some of the smaller ones having a capacity of just 4 to 8 people, whereas the largest models can hold a whopping 24 people or even more in some cases.

However, it’s safe to say that the swing ride is one of the most fun and exciting rides you could ever add to your amusement park because they offer a great deal of excitement for all ages. Indeed, you shouldn’t be surprised to see people of all ages (edades) flocking to your new wing ride, as it’s often considered the favorite ride by thrill seekers of practical any age.

4 Key Benefits Of The Reverse Bungee Ride

There are many staples that an amusement park must have, and this includes roller coasters and water rides. The reverse bungee ride(аттракцион катапульта) is included in this. If you don’t have one in your park, then you’re missing out. Below are four benefits of the reverse bungee ride and why you should have one installed.

Extremely Fun

The reverse bungee is fun, which is the main benefit it offers. If you install a reverse bungee ride, then whoever rides it will love it because of how high the ride is and how fast it goes. Not only that, but it provides riders of most ages with the thrill of their life.

Let’s not forget to point out that the buildup leading to riding the ride is just as exciting. Riders will love the adrenaline rush they get when they are awaiting to get on. You can count on people wanting to ride the reverse bungee(аттракцион рогатка) again and again.

Reverse Bungee Ride

Reverse Bungee Ride

The Views

Another benefit of the reverse bungee ride is the height of it. Since it is so high, riders will be treated to amazing views of the surrounding area. It doesn’t matter if your amusement park(продам аттракцион) is surrounded by city buildings, farmland, rivers, beaches or some other kind of scenario, you can bet people will love taking in the surrounding views. Most people love looking around at their surroundings, so your riders will enjoy this as the ride takes them up to the launching point.

Riders will enjoy the views throughout the duration of the ride. As the bungee goes back and forth, they will still be able to look around. Unlike many other rides, views are not obstructed at any point of the reverse bungee ride. This is usually the case with most bungee rides. You can get more information here:

Reverse Bungee Ride for sale

Reverse Bungee Ride for sale


A bungee ride will increase the visibility of your park. The taller the ride, the more people will see it from afar, even miles up the road. The more people who see the ride, the more people will likely visit your park just to ride it, as well as the other rides. If you want to enhance the visibility of your park, installing a reverse bungee ride is one of the best ways to do it.

Extra Revenue

Many parks make additional or extra revenue with a reverse bungee ride(катапульта аттракцион купить) because they charge extra to ride it. You’d be surprised to learn how many people are willing to pay a fee to ride this ride. If you want to generate more money, then install this ride.

There are various ways you can charge. You can charge per person, a single fee for two riders/three riders or you can do something like a “buy three tickets, get one free” and things of that nature. It’s completely up to you how to charge.

Buy Reverse Bungee Ride

Buy Reverse Bungee Ride

When it comes to extreme fun, the reverse bungee ride(ракета) delivers. It also offers amazing views of the surrounding area and increases a park’s visibility. It can be a great way to generate additional revenue too. These are all the benefits that come along with the reverse bungee ride.

Reasons People Love The Jump Ride

With so many rides to pick from, it is hard to pinpoint which one is going to bring in the most people.

However, one of the rides that appear to have gained traction in modern-day parks would be the jump ride ( It is one of those sought-after additions that people talk about and love as soon as they walk into the park.

The ride is unique, interesting, and just has this appeal to it that will make one want to ride all the time. Here are more reasons for its appeal and why it is cherished by riders.

techno jump ride

Jump Ride


Being able to implement a ride that is fun will be the number one priority. This is the thing amusement parks need more than anything else. If the ride isn’t fun then how will riders enjoy the experience and want to come in all the time? They are not going to want to come and will hate the value that is in front of them. With the jump ride, the experience is a boatload of fun and is going to offer everything a person could ever need when it comes to adding value.


Being in a position that slows things down isn’t ideal and that is why people struggle a lot. You have to think about a ride that is going to be to the point and will be as quick as necessary.

The jump ride is one of those rides (!

It is quick and a lot of fun making it the perfect package for riders that are coming to the park. They will be able to try out other rides while still getting the thrill they are after with the jump ride. It is simply a good fit for a new ride.

techno amusement ride for sale

Techno Jump Ride


Most people want to get on a ride that is unique because it’s entertaining. The average ride does have its place but can end up becoming too much of the same for riders. Instead, they prefer to go to a ride such as this one and enjoy it. The jump ride is one of those options that look great and are a lot of fun because of their uniqueness. Riders will want to head to the ride as soon as they enter the park because of how it looks. It is an exemplary addition to any modern park.

The jump ride has become a great option for individuals that want to put something different in their park and want to do it at an affordable price. This is one of those solutions that is going to be the talk of the town and will have new riders coming in all the time. Too many other options don’t cut it and this is not one of those rides. It is an addition that is going to have a lot of meaning to it and is going to make the park come to life. If a new addition has to be made, this is a great one to consider.

If you want to know the reliable amusement park rides manufacturer who runs the business of jump ride for sale, please check here (


6 Tips for Buying Kid’s Excavator Rides

When children are young, they always want to attempt to do things that their parents do. They may have parents that are in the industrial field. Their father might work for a construction company. If he does, he might operate in excavator. These are the large industrial pieces of equipment with a boom in the front, capable of extracting dirt out of the soil. They are designed to remove dirt at a rapid pace, and there are amusement park rides that are designed to mimic what they are able to do when they are being operated. Here are six tips that you can use when purchasing kids excavator rides (купить детский экскаватор аттракцион).

Buy an attraction excavator

Buy an attraction children’s excavator

How Large Are These?

These are large rides, at least from the standpoint of the child. To an adult, they are a miniaturized version of a regular excavator. They can be placed in front of an area where there are rocks, dirt, or sand. The controls are very simplistic. Children are able to move the scoop up and down. They are also able to raise and lower the boom. In addition to this, they can pivot the boom so that it will be able to pick up material, and deposit that material in a different spot. This is a very popular amusement park ride in some countries. Click here. Here there is more excavator rides from China:

Buy kids excavator rides

Buy kids excavator rides from China

Six Tips On Getting The Best Ones

The first thing you need to do is find a company that is selling them on a large scale. They will offer the best prices. Second, consider ordering at least five of these so that you can rotate kids in as quickly as possible. Third, make sure they are large enough to accommodate not just small children, but children that are close to the age of 12. Fourth, be sure to get containers in which you can place the sand, dirt, or any other material that can be moved by these miniature excavators. Fifth, make sure the company you are working with is going to give you a discount on a larger order. Finally, when you order them, be sure to get a guarantee on the date of delivery so that you can start your advertising campaign for these excavators for kids (аттракцион экскаватор для детей).

Buy kids excavator rides from Chian

Buy kids excavator rides price

How Do You Maintain Them?

Maintaining excavators (экскаватор) only requires you to oil them in certain spots. This would include the boom, the joints on the boom, and the joints that are on the scoop. You also need to be concerned with the electrical system. These are operated by electrical power in most cases. As long as everything is connected properly, you should have no problem keeping them active for many years to come.

Buy children's excavator rides for park

Buy children’s excavator rides

You will need to find a company that offers you all of these guarantees, and also excellent equipment. The prices that you pay for this amusement rides ( недорогая цена аттракционы для парка)are going to be minimal if you can find the right business. If they are delivered on time, and if they are very popular at your amusement park, you should consider ordering a few more of them to entice other kids to come to try them out. They are relatively affordable, and when you get them from an overseas provider, they are going to be one of the more lucrative investments that you can make for your business.

The Benefits Of The Octopus Ride

The octopus ride for sale is a fun ride for kids that isn’t too scary, but still provides the thrills that kids need to have fun. This ride spins kids in gentle circles and the octopus tentacles gently rise up and down while the kids are riding in the ride. The ride is very colorful and it also has lights and music that are attractive to kids of all ages.

Kingtiger octopus ride

Kingtiger octopus ride

The octopus ride is a great family ride and the kids really love to spend time on it. They are going to enjoy riding on this ride over and over again and the ride never gets boring which means you can make quite a bit of money on it. The ride is fairly inexpensive and it doesn’t cost too much to buy it and the kids are going to have a lot of fun on this ride so you can make a return on your investment quickly.

The octopus rides come in a few different sizes and you can also have the colors customized so they are exactly what you want. There are lots of different things you can do with the octopus ride and it is a great investment in any theme park. The ride is very fun to ride on and the kids never get tired of riding on this ride so they are always going to want to have fun spending time on it.

You can make a lot of money when you invest in this amusement park ride and there is no limit to how much money you can make because the kids are always going to want to ride it and you can make some serious money when you invest in this ride since it is so popular. Kids are going to be lining up to ride this ride and they are going to want to ride it over and over again so you always have people who are going to want to have fun on the ride.

The octopus ride is very affordable and you won’t have to spend too much money installing it. Most people make their money back quickly and you get to enjoy making a profit on the ride almost right away. Kids cannot resist going on this ride and they are always going to want to enjoy spending time on this ride. The ride is very addictive for kids and they really enjoy spending time on it. Plz click this link, and you will get the cost of octopus rides.

The ride isn’t too scary and it has a fun and relaxing feeling that is fun for kids of all ages. Younger kids really love this ride and they want to ride on it over and over again so you won’t have any problems making money on the ride. The ride is very fun and the kids are going to want to enjoy it as much as possible so you should always make sure that you add this ride to your list of rides that you plan to purchase for your business.

An In-Depth Look At How Pendulum Swing Rides Work

If you close your eyes and think about the last time you were at a carnival or amusement park, it probably isn’t too difficult to vividly imagine the sights and sounds around you. Between the delicious smell of fried food, the flashing lights of the attractions, and the sounds of people laughing and having fun, it is easy to bring to mind all of the joy that these places have to offer.

At the heart of every carnival or amusement park, however, are the rides. This rides is one of the famous and popular amusement park equipment for sale in amusement park business. One of the primary reasons why people buy tickets is so that they can enjoy the thrills that the carnival rides have to offer. From traditional rides like the Ferris wheel to more exciting rides like roller coasters, there is a little bit of something for everyone. One of the most popular rides at any amusement park, however, is the pendulum swing ride for sale.

Big Pendulum Rides

Big Pendulum Rides

If you have never seen or ridden one of these rides before, you are in for a real treat. They are not only amazing to watch but also extremely thrilling to ride. If you are up for it, they will definitely get your adrenaline pumping. To understand why so many people love pendulum swing rides, you just need to take a closer look at how they work. If you want know more about this rides at amusement parks, you can click this site: get more information.

Typically, these rides consist of a large disk with seats around the outside edge. The seats point outward so that the passengers have their backs to one another. At the center of the disk, a large pole rises upward far above the ground. This pole is attached to a set of legs, allowing the disk to hang down a little ways off the ground.

The supports that attach the pole to the legs are designed so that they can rotate. This allows the disc to swing back and forth from the legs like a pendulum.

The ride begins as people are loaded into the waiting seats on the disk. They are safely secured in place using seat belts or restraining bars. Once everyone is on board, the real fun can begin.

Usually, the disc begins to spin slowly in a circle. As it does, it also begins to swing back and forth like a pendulum. As the ride progresses, it swings higher and higher, spinning faster at the same time.

Pendulum Swing Rides

Pendulum Swing Rides

Passengers not only get to experience the thrill of spinning around in circles but also of swinging back and forth at the same time. As you might guess, this can be quite thrilling. If you are interested with amusement rides, you can visit this site: WWW.bestonamusement.COM

As the ride drops after each swing of the pendulum, your stomach drops along with it. At the same time, the spinning motion keeps you slightly disoriented, adding to the excitement.

Hopefully, this gives you a better idea of how pendulum swing rides work. They aren’t for the faint of heart. If you are the type of person who loves thrilling carnival rides for sale, however, you should definitely give one a try. Chances are, you will fall in love with the amazing thrills that these rides offer.